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The TUFTS Daily

"TUTV’s ‘The Athena project’ highlights female, transgender, non-binary voices"

By Henry Allison

February 4, 2019


“Disclaimer: Ray Bernoff is a former staff photographer and Emma Damokosh is a former features editor at The Tufts Daily. Amanda Rose is a former assistant arts editor at The Tufts Daily. They were not involved in the writing or editing of this article. 

The first episode of Tufts University Television’s (TUTV) latest series, “The Athena Project,” was released on Jan. 11, after nearly a year in production. The anthology series features interviews with female-identifying, transgender and non-binary students at Tufts. The episodes, which come in at around 14 minutes each, are organized around a central theme, such as “home,” “family” or “confidence.” Creators…”

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"Zooming In"

By Alexandra Strong

February 20, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.43.50 PM.png

"Cloaked by the painted red walls of Renee’s Cafe in Teele Square, Rachel Sobel and Amanda Rose were sitting across from each other in deep conversation about the proper size of a pancake when they shifted gears and began to brainstorm a new way to lift up Tufts’ student narratives: The Athena Project. A filmed docu-series that focuses on sharing the stories of those with marginalized gender identities within the Tufts community, the two envisioned The Athena Project as a platform for narratives that are too often left untold. Sobel, a sophomore, and Rose, a junior, have based the style of The Athena Project off of the popular docu-series Humans of New York. Each episode will be themed..."

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The tufts daily


By Emma Damokosh

January 30, 2018


"Even before the shoot begins, the set of Bosfeed is full of laughter and camaraderie while maintaining the unmistakable air of professionalism, the creators demonstrating their desire to create great content.

In the Tufts University Television (TUTV) studio black box, a camera is set up in the middle of the room with two chairs placed directly in front of it. While the crew bustles around setting up the lighting and sound equipment, Bosfeed’s head of planning, sophomore Kate Golding explains the structure of the episode to a couple.

The crew is filming Bosfeed‘s Valentine’s Day episode..."

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"TUTV Series ‘Pantheon University’ offers a novel take on Greek mythology"

By Jonah Allon

April 19, 2016

"Long before the young adult craze took over bookstores and movie theaters, there was Greek mythology. Endowed with supernatural powers but still unmistakably human in their emotional volatility, gods like Zeus, Hera and Ares were in many ways the forerunners to more contemporary figures like Harry Potter, Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen. While the youth of these iconic characters made their adolescent struggles relatable, the immortality of the gods always rendered them distant and inaccessible.

But now, the gods are coming of age..."

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Tufts now

"Jumbo channel"

By Kristin Livingston, A05

August 3, 2015

"To an outsider, it’s just a room with cracked tiled floors, black walls and a glaring overhead light, plus a few fake potted plants in a corner and large, looming tripods. But to Andy Liebman and Tony Bennis, back for a tour of their old stomping grounds on the third floor of Curtis Hall, the Tufts University Television studio brings back fond memories..."

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the tufts daily

"Tutv to release new webseries wave jacked"

By Josh Podolsky 

March 11, 2015

"Broadcast television has, for a long time, staunchly held out against the internet revolution, instead choosing to keep its wares off the web for technical and legal reasons. The Average Joe found workarounds to these two hurdles long ago, and thus, in an absurdly simplified manner, the age of internet television was born. Lately, however, the holdouts have begun caving in, with even HBO announcing a standalone online service just this past Monday. Arguably more important than the transition of television to the internet is the creation of television for the internet; Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and RocketJump are just a handful of the better-known names of production companies developing content specifically for the internet. Among these players in the “internet television” genre is Tufts’ own Tufts University Television (TUTV), whose new show “Wave Jacked” premieres March 23..."

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the guardian

"the best vlog reinventions of classic books"

By Kaite Welsh

January 12, 2015

"Judging by the reactions to Zoe Suggs’ and Alfie Deyes’ rising stars, vlogs are the end of civilisation as we know it and – like Zoella’s ghostwritten novel – they certainly don’t have any place in literature. But fresh-faced teens and twentysomethings aren’t only vlogging about their own lives; they’re dressing up as fictional characters and telling modern reworkings of familiar stories into their webcams as YouTube adaptations of classic novels go viral. The teams behind them may be professional actors or simply fans of the books, and the quality of both scripts and production can vary, but at their best they could give the BBC a run for its money..."

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the tufts daily

"tutv shows consistent growth since inception"

By Lily Hartzell

November 11, 2014

"Founded in April of 1977 by Andy Liebman (A ’78), who went on to direct and edit documentaries for PBS and the Discovery Channel and to found a video collaboration tool called EditShare, Tufts University Television (TUTV) has moved from creating content for a TV station to releasing web series, like the popular 'Jules and Monty'...."

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