Meet the Board


Meet the Board


station manager              

Kerry is a senior (citizen) majoring in History and the art of losing one's keys. She watches far more romantic comedies and Netflix documentaries than is probably advisable, and she's never met a teen drama that she didn't like. 

Kerry came to TUTV as a freshman, her filmmaking knowledge not extending beyond the microphone-hiding scene from Singin' in the Rain. Since then, she's been able to work on the sets of a bunch of fantastic TUTV projects and meet a ton of talented and inspiring people. Having served as a producer, assistant director, boom operator, and more, Kerry is most widely known for her ground-breaking performances as an extra in far too many TUTV scripted projects (she's essentially TUTV's Rachel Dratch).

Whether you want to make a feature film or just chat about the brilliance of One Tree Hill, Kerry encourages you to reach out to her and her fellow board members. She can't wait to hear from you!

Kerry can be reached at Kerry.Crowley@tufts.edu.



Rainie Toll

head of music

Rainie is from Denver, Colorado and majors in American Studies. At TUTV, she’s worked at Scope, Tufts Unplugged, and Live from Curtis, but her first music video was for a group project in high school, where they changed the lyrics to Eminem’s Slim Shady to talk about themes in Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. This summer, she interned at Rocky Mountain PBS working with the documentary series, Colorado Experience.

Rainie loves running, chocolate, and her mom. The albums hanging on her wall include Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Missy Elliot, and ABBA.

Follow Rainie on Instagram @itsrainingtoll, or email her at Katharine.Toll@tufts.edu.


programming manager      

Tom is a computer science engineering major from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He joined TUTV as a sophomore to help bring TUTV’s old videos to the digital world (since he heard VHS tape usage on campus really took a hit in fourth-quarter 2016). What he found was that the best parts of the club simply couldn’t fit in a Dropbox. TUTV’s community and creativity runs deep, and as Programming Manager, Tom is eager to work with the membership and board to create a club that is inviting to all, and make it easier for everyone to bring their ideas to the silver screen.

When he isn’t scouring through tapes, Tom can be found ordering quesadillas at Hodgdon at exactly 8:00 pm, jamming out to Ben Folds, defending downhill life (stay classy, T1), or searching for detention block AA23. 

Or in Halligan. Seriously, he’s probably there right now.

Contact Tom if you have any new project ideas, if you’d like to help out with building the TUTV archive, or if you have any input on how to improve the club! Alternatively, just ask to hear about the bygone days of TUTV, when Jumbos were love-matched and the golden Medford sun still rose each morning over the speacial peaks of Curtis Hall. He’d love to tell you all about it.

Tom can be reached at Thomas.Frikker@tufts.edu, or by carrier turkey.



renee             brody            


Renee’s senior project in high school was a research paper on webseries, so when she got to Tufts, she naturally decided to give TUTV a try. This had nothing to do with any Internet stars in TUTV’s midst, no matter how attractive and talented those Internet stars happened to be. Truly. 

Despite her lack of film experience, Renee managed to impress the TUTV body with her aptitude for creating pretty charts and for dragging sliders around to make video clips look less orange. Through projects like Affection, Horrorfest, PanthU, Scope, and Tufts Unplugged, she’s dabbled in every role from actor to human light-pole. She served as Head of Scripted for the 2016-17 year, launching the Valentine’s Day “Shot Through the Heart” soon-to-be-tradition.

Now a junior, Renee is thrilled for a second year of TUTV board! Anyone with ideas for scripted content is encouraged to contact her, as well as anyone who’d like to get involved in current projects.

Renee can be reached at Renee.Brody@tufts.edu.



Sophomore Rachel Napoliello is a chemistry (?) major from the greatest state of all: New Jersey.  Embarrassingly enough, there is a strong possibility that she chose to apply to Tufts so she could join TUTV (look at her “Why Tufts?” essay for evidence).  Rachel has been interested in filmmaking ever since she discovered the magic of iMovie many years ago.  Some early examples of her work include The Thrill of Thursday, a charming story about her sister who swaps bodies with a dog, and Trial by Blood, which if you ask her about will result in a long and unprompted rant (please ask her about it).  She has since been introduced to Premiere Pro and has worked as a PA on the set of Legend, director during Horror Fest, costume designer and props manager for Blink, editor for Legend, and costume designer/publicity chair for Take Two, which films in Fall 2017.

Rachel is very excited to have her hands on TUTV’s 2017-2018 budget so that she can provide this amazing community of filmmakers with new equipment and props which they can use to realize their creative vision.  If you need to ask her about anything monetarily related to TUTV or anything in general, please feel free to email her.  Also, if you want to ingratiate yourself with this year’s treasurer, please bring her a tub of cream cheese frosting with a side of carrot cake. 

Rachel can be reached at Rachel.Napoliello@tufts.edu.