Meet the Board

Email tutv.studios@gmail.com to contact the TUTV Executive Board


Meet the Board

Email tutv.studios@gmail.com to contact the TUTV Executive Board

Rachel Napoliello

station manager              

Junior Rachel Napoliello is a film and media studios and chemistry double major.  Embarrassingly enough, there is a strong possibility that she chose to apply to Tufts so she could join TUTV (see her “Why Tufts?” essay for evidence).

 Rachel has been interested in filmmaking ever since she discovered the magic of iMovie many years ago.  Some early examples of her work include The Thrill of Thursday, a charming story about her sister who swaps bodies with a dog, and Trial by Blood, a high school group project which earned her an A-.

 Since her freshman year, she’s worked on many TUTV sets, including Legend, Take Two, A Strange New World, Horror Fest, and Bosfeed as everything from PA to editor to director.  She’s so excited to be Station Manager this year so she can serve the TUTV community in this new capacity.  TUTV has been such a welcoming home for her that she hopes to provide the same for new and old members alike.

You can reach her at tutv.studios@gmail.com or rachel.napoliello@tufts.edu or on instagram @rachel_naps.  Ask to be on her Somerville Media Center show "The Final Cut"!




Rainie Toll

head of news

Rainie is from Denver, Colorado. She is a senior, majoring in American Studies and minoring in Film and Media. She's worked at Rocky Mountain PBS and WGBH (Massachusetts public radio). This summer, she was a Summer Scholar making short films on D'Arcy Thompson's book, A Glossary of Greek Birds. Her celebrity crush is ultimately Paul Rudd, but Andy Samberg is a close second.

Rainie is so excited for this year in the TUTV news department, and is committed to making sure snacks are at every meeting.

Email Rainie at Katharine.toll@tufts.edu if you have any questions, ideas, or want to get kale smoothies.

frank ma

programming manager      

Frank Ma is a biology (probably) major from Lexington Mass but grew up in Shanghai China. He joined TUTV as a freshman and his first TUTV project was Cult Pizza, which is about… exactly what it sounds like. Check it out on YouTube if you haven’t already. He has also worked on Take Two as a gaffer/sound op and on BosFeed as a motion graphic designer. He’s planning on DPing for My Roommate Ramses and producing for Strange New World.

Frank is a big fan of After Effects and he enjoys making logos and motion graphics. He probably spends too much time trying to perfect them than it’s worth. He also like lights. And colors. And colorful lights.

Frank is excited to work on streamlining collaborations between TUTV and other organizations in the coming year. Contact him if you’re interested in leading a collaboration, or if you have any project ideas or inputs towards general improvements of the club! Also reach out to him if you want to borrow a voice-controlled RGB lightbulb for whatever purpose.

Frank can be reach at Jiayi.Ma@tufts.edu. Also follow him on Instagram @frama_99.



Martina Tan          

HEAD OF music


Martina Tan is barely scraping through her third year in the Combined Degree program at Tufts and the SMFA, seeking a BA in Cognitive Brain Science and a BFA in Drawing & Painting while dipping into fields like Computer Science and FMS that she guesses she’ll try to minor in. It’s a mess.

Following an illustrious career as a member of her high school’s film production club in suburban South Jersey, Martina finally decided to join TUTV in the spring of her first year as publicity chair and, later, co-producer of Tufts Unplugged: everyone’s favorite student/songwriter-centric web series of the past two years!

Martina spends her time in libraries and cafés drawing, studying, or curating Spotify playlists with names like “scott pilgrim vs the real world”, “(un)ironic bangers”, and “cantina music”. She is identifiable by the band tees & dinosaur-patterned shoes that she can’t stop wearing, but not by her hair color because she keeps changing it.

Martina can be reached via email (martina.tan@tufts.edu), Facebook (@martinaaaaa.t), or Instagram (@lewisdelmart), especially if you want to pitch a TUTV Music project or share photos of small birds.

benard ngaruiya


Ben is a junior majoring in Computer Science and FMS. He came onto to TUTV as a freshman working on set for The End is Now, and the Athena Project. Ben is from Nairobi and won’t stop talking about that. Seriously ask him, see for yourself. In his free time, Ben spends too much time watching Netflix shows and writing what he calls, revolutionary sit-coms where everyone is always seated. Ben first discovered he liked filmmaking when he was sitting at home and his mom said, “Hey you watch TV too much!” And he never looked back. Now his mom regrets saying that but it’s too late.

You can catch Ben getting pasta and meatballs in Hodgedon or working in the purple section on the second floor of Tisch library.

If you’ve got any monetary concerns, Ben’s your guy. Not only is he skilled in counting bills, he can also neatly stack all kinds of paper to make your briefcase look like its stacked with dollar dollar bills, so he’s naturally in charge of budgeting for TUTV. Feel free to chat him about anything you think we need and he’ll be right on it.

Reach him via email at Benard.Ngaruiya@tufts.edu.




As a physics and film and media studies double major, junior Kristen is essentially majoring in plot twists. She made the mistake of not joining TUTV until her sophomore year because the 5 minute walk from her dorm was "too far" and "too cold", but now that she's in, she's in for life. Looking back on her childhood, Kristen should have known she would head the scripted section of TUTV, as she made many home movies with her friends, including classics like "the girl using a time machine to meet her relatives when they were young" (NOT back to the future), "clone wars" (NO relation to star wars), and a tribute to the extinction of the Baiji dolphin (with original music almost as horrifying as the event). She also recently discovered an original film titled "Reality is Just an Illusion". Deep.

Needless to say, TUTV has been an amazing learning environment, and Kristen is glad she met such kind, knowledgable, and supportive people who are always looking to help new members get involved. Over the past year, she's done a heck of a lot of sound recording, Publicity for Take Two, Sound Designing for the Athena Project, and has been a part of Horror Fest and Shot Through The Heart (which she would recommend to everyone).

Have any ideas for a scripted show, or want to get involved in the production of one? Just let her know! Reach out if you need help figuring out where to start, have a question about TUTV in general, or just want to talk about anything from Parks and Recreation to weird memes.